Writing Prompt 01 – My Lenore

New writing prompt on my YouTube Channel.

My story while watching the writing prompt video:

Writing Prompt – My Lenore

Lenore had been gone for a month. Two weeks too late to save our son with the medical supplies from the village beyond the desert. His cries of pain from the fever tearing him apart will haunt me till I die. Now that they made sure I show no signs of fever, I will search for Lenore. I packed the essentials and left with our horse. Even if I find her, I won’t be coming back.

The sun beat down on my back causing me to sweat. It had been 3 days since I left. I should be through the hot sand by nightfall. There’s something in the distance I can’t make out. As I get closer, it’s a tent.

“Hello?” Nothing answered me back.

I looked in the tent. Someone had left in a hurry, but it seems to have been some time ago. Sand covered a third of the tent and had flowed inside covering blankets. It didn’t feel right to look through their stuff, so I continued on.

I stopped just outside of the camp and found something else stuck out of the sand. As I got closer I realized it was a person. I dug and dug, the hot sand stinging my hands. That’s where I found my Lenore. She was crawling to the village, desperate to save our son. So desperate she didn’t realize she had the fever too.

I dropped to my knees and held her. Wishing the fever had taken me too. Cursing the Gods for keeping me alive to watch my family die. It may be too late for the fever to take me, but I will surrender myself to the desert with my love Lenore.

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