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Wild Hunger (An Heirs of Chicagoland Novel) Review

Wild Hunger by Chloe Neill

The Chicagoland crew is back, sort of.

Wild Hunger by Chloe Neill picks up the story of Ethan and Merit Sullivan’s daughter Elisa, the first and only born vampire. She’s strong and witty, without being a carbon copy of Merit. The tie to the sword was a cool surprise, but that’s probably not going to go well for them in the future.

I was excited to see what happens with Gabriel Keene’s son Connor’s relationship with Elisa, because of Gabriel’s visions in the Chicagoland books. And I was not disappointed. Lots of tension and bonding over Elisa’s secret that only Connor knows. I only wish they had more “screen time” together, but maybe in the next one? It’s set up to be as explosive as Ethan and Merits relationship, and I’m here for it.
We all knew Mallory and Merit’s kids would also be besties. Her magic use was a nice plot twist too.
It was nice to check in on my favorite characters from the Chicagoland books and see what they’re doing now without it being focused on them.
I love Wild Hunger. It’s full of interesting twists, huge secrets, and great relationships. I can’t wait for the sequel! (Her website says fall 2019. Yes!)

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