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W – Don’t Wink

W - Don't Wink

Don’t Wink

Who knew winking at a stranger could change your life forever?
“T.G.I.F,” Cheryl yelled, over the crowd.
I laughed and tried to flag down the bartender. “This is why we shouldn’t go to opening nights! Everyone’s here, so we get crappy service.”
“Bite your tongue woman! That’s suburb talk!”
“Fine, you get his attention,” I said. She grinned. “Without flashing him.”
Cheryl rolled her eyes. “You’re no fun tonight.”
I laughed. I looked across the room and locked eyes with a very tall, muscular man. He was in his late twenties, closer to my age than Cheryl’s. His bright green eyes were friendly but observant. His blond hair was cropped short. The way he carried himself made me think military. He looked familiar.
He smiled. I winked at him and tried to flag down the bartender again.
“You ladies having trouble ordering?” a smooth deep voice asked from behind us.
I turned to see the guy I winked at earlier. I couldn’t help, but smile.
Cheryl laughed. “Yes! What does a girl have to do to get a martini around here?”
He grinned. “I think I can help you with that.” He whistled and ordered a martini, and a bottle of fancy whiskey with two glasses.
“Didn’t even ask me what I wanted,” I said, irritated.
“Lighten up. You love whiskey,” Cheryl said, touching up her lipstick.
He grabbed the drinks. “I’m John, and you are?”
Cheryl took her martini. “I’m Cheryl, Scorpio, single, and twenty-five.”
I coughed trying to cover my laugh when she said twenty-five. She glared at me.
“I’m Alissa,” I said, trying not to look at Cheryl or I’d laugh.
“Do you ladies want to come join me in the VIP lounge?”
Something about this situation was off. I started to say no, but Cheryl cut me off, “Of course we do!”
I sighed and followed them upstairs.
The lights were dim. You could still hear the music and people downstairs. He led us to a booth in the corner.
“Nice, how’d you swing VIP access?” I asked, taking the glass he just poured.
“Friends with the owner,” he said, sipping his drink.
I sat the glass back down without taking a drink. My guts telling me something is wrong. “Cheryl, I need to go to the ladies room,” I started to say, but she was asleep in the booth. I jumped up. “What did you do?”
“Alissa please sit down. We need to talk.”
“I’m fine standing. Talk,” I said over crossed arms.
“I work for the government.”
“I think you mean military.”
He smiled. “A special branch of the military that doesn’t officially exist.”
I rolled my eyes. I wanted to run, but I couldn’t leave Cheryl. Maybe I could get someone to help us? No, it’s too loud. I doubt he’s alone. “Awesome, what do you want?”
“You,” he said, pouring himself another drink. That’s when I saw it, a small wrist tattoo of a pyramid with an eye in it.
“Son of a bitch. You… were in my dream,” I said, shocked. It freaks me out when my dreams happen in real life.
“Yes. We’re recruiting psychics for our program. We need your help.”
“You’re wrong. What makes you think I’m psychic?”
“A psychic foresaw you. So I projected myself into your dream to check you out.”
“Well, thank you so much for invading my privacy. I’m just going to wake Cheryl up and go. Hope you get back on your meds,” I said, shaking Cheryl.
“I couldn’t see you clearly. I just knew the woman that winked at me tonight was the one that we needed. You saw me in your dream, that means you’re the strongest we’ve found yet. We need you.”
“Cheryl, get up. Come one, you did more drugs last weekend than whatever they put in your drink. Let’s go!”
“Fine, we’ll do this the hard way,” he said, slapping a bracelet on my arm.
I saw a flash of purple. Then everything was cold. “Last time, I wink at a psycho psychic,” I said, sliding to the floor.

Photo by Sean Davis

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