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U – Thank You Faerie Much Part 2 – Unity

U - Thank you Faerie Much Part 2 - Unity

Thank You Faerie Much Part 2 – Unity

My heart hammered in my chest. His rough hands pressed harder over my mouth when I started to struggle. I braced myself to scream, but I hesitated. The entire cave vibrated with every step. Whoever had his hand over my mouth, pulled me closer to him. After what seemed like a million years, he released me. I scrambled to my feet and my hood fell back revealing my face. The flashlight app started working again, illuminating his green-tinted face. He was definitely not human. His eyes were almost as dark as his jet black hair. He was crowned with intertwined tree branches. His dark hair brushed his shoulders. His chest was bare, except for a subtlety glowing amulet. Unlike the angelic guy that threatened me, he was rugged and earthy.
The amulet brightened. He grabbed it and said something in a language I’ve never heard before, but I was one thousand percent sure he was swearing.
“Thank-” I started.
He covered my mouth with his hand again. “Never thank a fae,” he said, his tone aggravated.
“Fae? Like faeries?”
He stared at me without answering.
“Is that other guy a fairy too?” I asked.
“Who?” he asked, not looking away.
“About your height, short blond hair, blue eyes, poofed me to the cave entrance without my permission?”
A sword appeared in his gloved hand and he held it to my throat. “You work for Blay!”
“What the hell is wrong with you people?”
He stepped close enough to go through my pockets while keeping the blade to my neck.
He pulled out the bag I’d been given to keep the sword in. Sniffing the bag, he scowled. “Bad magic.” He tossed it to the other side of the cave.
The closer he was to me, the brighter purple the amulet glowed. I couldn’t look away. It was like I was being compelled to touch it.
He jumped back. “No,” he growled, lowering the sword.
“What is it? I, I think I need to touch it…”
“It’s wrong,” he shouted.
I raised my eyebrow.
“It’s supposed to call my queen’s magic. Not a human!”
“Like a soul mate. You aren’t my soul mate, you’re my enemy.”
“Enemy? That guy kidnapped me because of some “debt” I allegedly owe. He told me to walk into this cave, find a sword and bring it back to him in that bag or he’d kill the one I love. I can’t let my family or friends get hurt because of him.” I tried not to cry, but my eyes burned width unshed tears. He touched my face and I instantly calmed. He kissed me and I could feel the unity taking hold.
I walked out of the cave and Blay was right where I’d left him, mid-evil cackle retrieving the dagger he’d thrown at me. Melair had mentioned that time was different in the cave.
“Do you have it?” the Unseelie fae asked.
I showed him the bag. “Is my debt settled?”
“Yes, yes now give me the sword!”
I tossed it at his feet. He opened it and screamed. “What is this!”
“A sword from the cave,” I answered.
“My sword if we’re being technical, brother,” Melair said, stepping out of the cave.
“Where is the iron sword?”
“Someplace you’ll never find it,” I answered.
He screamed and slashed at me with the sword. Melair didn’t move to defend me. Instead, a bright green light shone through my hoodie, blocking his strike.
“You’re getting better love,” Melair said, picking up his sword.
I held the glowing medallion up so Blay could see it.
“You’re human, the unity can’t bond you a fae,” Blay shouted.
“It could if she was part fae,” Melair said. He pulled back his hair to show my earring in the point of his ear, glowing purple.
Blay gaped at the purple glow.
“She’s royalty and you tried to turn her into a thief,” Melair laughed. “What shall we do with him, love?”
“I think he owes us a debt,” I said.

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