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The Write Immersive Sounds

I love listening to sounds while I write that help throw me into what I’m writing. Sometimes it’s a battle scene or something to help my ADD brain focus. It’s crazy how you can not be feeling a scene and can immerse yourself into it with a picture or sound that can help you write your way through it. So, I created a YouTube channel to share my writing sounds with you. I’ll keep adding videos to my channel that I use to help with the creative process. Here’s the first video. Let me know what you think!

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Link to thunderstorm writing sounds video

This is the first video I’ve ever made. I’m hoping it gets easier and better as I learn more. It’s been really interesting figuring this out as I go. I found a free video editing software online called Open Shot Video Editor. Not an affiliate link, I get nothing for mentioning it. Just thought it was a cool program, once you watch a couple of how to videos anyway. I struggled at first.

Really hoping I stick to creating these videos, because it’s also helping me write more. That’s really the reason I started this to begin with. I’ve been in a happy little bubble for awhile, minus the pandemic, creating other things (shameless plug for my Etsy Store), but now it’s time to get back to my writing. I’m trying to find a balance between my creative writing and creating other art. I was really tinkering with digital art last year. Also spent a lot of time painting and baking. I still do those things sometimes, but it’s hard to pick and choose what I want to do consistently. I have days where I’ll do a bit of everything and I have days where I’ll hyper-focus on one thing obsessively until it’s done. My brain’s a weird place to live. 🙂

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