Reevaluating the Plan

I’m turning thirty in November. I’m not freaking out about it, and I probably won’t. Birthdays in general make me reevaluate my life and adjust accordingly. It’s like a yearly reminder to make sure my plan is on track. Did things turn out like I’d hoped? (Not even close.) Did I meet the goals I set for myself? (Some, but not the big ones.) Am I happy with my life right now? (Mostly.) What do I need to change to meet my goals? (Excellent question.)

I set a goal for myself several years ago to have a book published before I turn thirty. So, I did publish the journal, and you’re like that counts. Goal check! And thank you, but I know that’s not what I meant when I wrote that goal. I can’t lie to myself. I meant my fiction.

I’ve always loved that you can stare at a few marks on a page and be transplanted into a  completely fictional world created by the person that took the time to share their stories. Seems like writing is easy, right? You just sit in front of your computer and type. Honestly, writing is one of the hardest things I’ve ever done in my entire life. But, I love writing so much. Even if that means reading the same passage for two days trying to make it sound like real life speech or that a fight scene is believable.

Which consequently brings me back to my goals. I’m sharing my plan with you to keep me honest.

The Plan:

  • Write 1,000 words a day. Everyday.
  • Post a weekly story on this blog. Minimum 500 words.
  • Join a writers group to help keep me on track.
  • Read a book a week about writing to help me improve my craft.
  • Read 2 to 4 fiction books a month to also help me improve my craft.

Five small, but doable things that will help get me on track to doing what I love full-time. Wish me luck!

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