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Once Upon a Snowy Moon Review

I received a copy of Once Upon a Snowy Moon by Cheyenne Meadows from NetGalley. Tara is one thousand percent done with men. On the way home from a blind date fiasco, she accidentally runs over a dog. Tara takes him home with her until she can take him to the vet to make sure he’s okay. Hilariously, the dog is a werewolf named Max who’s on the run for his life. There are some funny awkward scenes with Tara treating him like a dog. They were some of my favorite parts. He decides to lay low being Tara’s dog until he can get his strength back. What Max didn’t count on was Tara being a sweet selfless person that does everything she can to help him, despite not being in a great place herself. 

The first half of the book was pretty slow, but the last half had lots of action and romance. That really helped pick up the pace. The villain Garrison was a basic twirl your mustache and laugh maniacally kind of guy. The supporting characters were great though. Xavier and Rose are probably my favs. I would definitely read a book about Xavier. He was charming, but still rebelliously sexy. And Rose was like a meddling Maggie Smith. (What kind of weirdo doesn’t like Maggie Smith?) 

Overall, Once Upon a Snowy Moon was an okay read if you’re looking for a heartwarming paranormal romance. 

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