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Magic Triumphs by Ilona Andrews, the final Kate Daniels book, is finally here and I have so many feels. Finally, the conflict between her dad, Roland, and Kate comes to a head, but not before on old family enemy pops into the fray. Kate really steps into her powers and her heritage in this book.

Conlan is a very powerful and very cute little cinnamon roll. He not only freaks people out with his crazy magic levels, but he also couldn’t be cuter if he tried. Watching Kate and Curran parent him is adorable, Kate panics and Curran shrugs. Hopefully, we’ll get to see him grow up or as an adult at some point. That will be extremely entertaining.

Curran was a little weird throughout the book, and when you find out why you’ll probably be as pissed as Kate was… I get both perspectives, but he definitely played with fire this time. (Don’t make nine lives comment, don’t make nine lives comment.) I’ve always loved Kate and Curran’s relationship, ever since the first “Here kitty, kitty.”

The pack situation was also weird. I get they were painted into a corner in multiple ways, but I would have thought there would be more loyalty since Curran built the pack and Kate and Curran have worked their butts off defending them.

The final battle with Daddy Dearest had an interesting twist that I really appreciated. There was no other way for this to work out and still have a HEA. God knows they deserve one after all the stuff they’ve gone through in the last twelve books.

The End?

The ending is set up for a spinoff series, which is great, but it was kind of weird to me. The bit with Julie sort of seems out of character, but who knows, maybe it will lead to greater things. (Hopefully Derek things… They’re so cute together.)

I never know what to expect when a series finishes. There are always mixed feelings, but I do love this book. I think it was the perfect ending to this crazy ride between the tech and the magic.

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