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M – Masquerade

M - Masquerade

M – Masquerade

A television crew was here doing a live broadcast of the Masquerade Ball. There were formal balls being hosted all over the world right now. Everyone wanted to know how they’re all connected. They even hashtagged it #Masqumovement to spin theories on social media. Our host this evening is Silva Black, a very prominent model turned politician.
I had remained more low key. Teaching night classes at the university. My students loved me, but when the powers that be give you an order you follow it. Even if it will probably ruin your carefully crafted life.
Silva took the stage motioning for us to join her. A dozen of us made our way to the stage.
“Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time for the grand revealing. Masks off please.”
We all removed our masks. There were a few snickers from the audience.
“As you’ve all suspected, we are all here for a reason. We’ve remained in the shadows for far to long. It’s time we all really removed our masks and embraced each other in peace.”
Doors and windows shut on their own. People glanced around nervously.
All of us on the stage removed the items that let us blend in with the humans. I removed my contacts and false teeth that covered my fangs.
Ghosts appeared. Witches magicked themselves other clothes and their brooms. The fae dropped their glamour. The shifters changed into their other forms. A couple of people ran to the doors trying to escape, but everything was locked.
A man laughed. “Fake.! All of it is so fake. I can’t even.”
Silva appeared in front of him. “Really? This is fake?” She dropped her glamour. Large wings splayed behind her almost as wide as she is tall. Flowers took place of her dress. Her skin turned green.
He stumbled back falling down, speechless.
Silva clapped her hands and the servers brought beverages for everyone present matching their preferred tastes.
I grabbed a wine glass filled with blood.
I raised my glass. “To those known and unknown. May we live forever in peace.”
All of the supernatural raised their glasses and a couple of humans joined in.
The human that fell broke his glass and tried to slash Silva’s throat. In a tenth of a second I was between them, holding him by the neck.
“Not today mon ami,” I said flashing fangs.
“You’re all abominations! You shouldn’t be alive! Death to the monsters!”
He met my eyes. “You will walk to the police station and turn yourself in for what happened here tonight.” I dropped him. “Go.”
Silvia waved her hand opening the door. “To peace between us!” She downed her nectar.
The humans were terrified. I shouldn’t have altered his mind, but that was the path of least resistance. They had no idea what we could really do.
We were receiving text reports of other locations having casualties. Both us and the humans. I have been alive several millennia and knew this was the first of many battles we would face before there could be peace.

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