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L- Lost


“Tate, have you seen my necklace?” I asked looking in a sidewalk grate.
“Your necklace, necklace?” Tate asked, glancing at the sky.
I glared at him and rolled my eyes.
“Seriously you lost your power necklace?” Tate asked.
“Shut up and help me find it before-“
Gargoyles screeched, as the wraith approached.
“Dammit, it’s here! Find your power while I distract it.” Tate drew power from his ring and catapulted himself in front of the wraith.
“Where is it!” I yelled, frantically searching.
Tate dropped from the sky, unconscious. He hit the ground blood splattered.
“Tate!” I ran to him, dropping to the ground. He’s alive, but barely.
The wrath roared. I grabbed a potion from my left boot and poured it in his mouth.
“Stay with me Tate,” I begged. “Backup is coming.”
They won’t be here in time. What can I do so that we survive?
Reaching into my boot again, I pulled out a pouch of herbs. I circled Tate with the magical barrier and eyed the bag.
I made a giant circle in the street, leaving one side open.
“Here beastie, beastie, beastie!” I yelled waving my arms around.
The wrath noticed, but continued to go after civilians feeding off their fear. I grabbed another vial throwing it at the ground. Mist filled the street. It wandered over to investigate. I belly crawled through the puddles under the mist until I reached the edge of the circle. With the rest of my herbs, I sealed us both in.
Tate yelled, “What are you doing? Get out of there!”
“No magic! Have to maintain the circle from inside!”
The wrath touched the barrier and howled. It beat against it over and over again. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Tate trying to get up.
“Damn it Serenity! Let me out of this so I can help!”
The wrath noticed me. I was so still I barely breathed. It charged. I dropped, but it caught my arm with its icy talons. All hope left my body. Fear raged. The wrath drank in the fear strengthening it so it could develop a corporeal body. If it could absorb enough fear, it could break the circle.
I tried to think through the fear. Love. I need loving memory, or Tate and I will die.
Tate. I thought back to our first date, so awkward and sweet. The first time he said I love you. When we moved in together. The water gun war last Christmas.
“Serenity!” Tate yelled.
He seemed to close. I tried to open my eyes. They wouldn’t budge.
“Love you Tay,” I whispered and darkness filled my consciousness.
I woke up clutching my necklace in the med ward of the Academy.
“Serenity! I thought I lost you,” Tate said kissing my forehead.
“Never,” I said kissing him on the lips.
“We’re super gluing your necklace to you. So, you’re never with out your powers against.”
“Psh, you had your powers and you would have died if I hadn’t brought the potion.”
“So, no more dying?”
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