Iron and Magic ARC

Ilona Andrews

I was fortunate enough to get an advance copy of Ilona Andrews book Iron and Magic through NetGalley.

If you’ve read the Kate Daniel’s books, you probably have very strong feelings about Hugh D’Ambray. Iron and Magic flips all of that upside down.

Hugh’s struggling to find his footing without Roland and save his people. He has an army of Iron Dogs with no resources and Elara Harper has resources and people that need protection. They put aside their hatred of each other to solidify their alliance through marriage. Cue the violence and comedy.

It was really interesting to get a glimpse into Hughs thoughts, it explains so much of his behavior. He’s done terrible things that he can’t take back, but seeing him deal with the repercussion’s is a bit heartbreaking.
Elara is a breath of fresh air. She’s compassionate and sweet, but if she’s threatened she has no problem sinking to Hugh’s level if that means safety.

Elara and Hugh’s interactions are the best parts of the book. I laughed out loud way more than I thought I would with such a dark story. They’re both hilarious and well suited to get on each other’s last nerve. Between the sarcasm and sexual tension, you can’t help but fall in love with this story.

If you’ve read the Kate Daniels books or if you’re new to this world, by the end of Iron and Magic you won’t be able to stop yourself from rooting for Hugh and Elara.

Iron and Magic is available for preorder on Amazon:

The first three chapters are available on Ilona Andrews website:

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