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“Unbelievable,” John whispered as he silently searched the woods. “Kick me out of my own house, because one ship lands close by? Not today. The government here might be powerful, but they aren’t stealing from me again!”

John flinched as his voice echoed in the night. He held his breath, listening for the nearby agents. He sighed in relief at the silence. If they caught him, they would imprison him. He wouldn’t allow himself to be locked up.

He watched the ship land in this area, but he couldn’t find it anywhere. It could have been hidden or cloaked if the pilot was smart. He really hoped they weren’t smart. He wanted that ship to get his home.

Cold metal touched Johns back and he froze.

“Raise your arms very slowly and face me,” a gravelly voice ordered.

He complied raising both hands palms open and pivoted to face him. He paused. The alien looked like a man, but he had four arms. Each hand was tipped with red pointed nails. His white goatee and braided hair contrasted with his blue skin that shined like a sapphire.

John was silent. He had to be very careful.

The alien touched the gun into his chest and let out a frustrated shriek. “Who are you and why are you looking for me?”

John scanned the area to see if he could see the ship nearby. He could only see trees and darkness. “I was kicked out of my home, because your ship landed here. I just want to go home.”

He blinked in surprise. “Explain.”

“The government here takes what it wants, especially if they’re threatened by it. They have to have the biggest shiniest toy, and they leave us to deal with the fallout.” John paused, “Why are you here?”

He thought for a moment and lowered his gun. “I am Xtalla,” he said.

“I’m John,” he said reaching out a hand to shake out of habit. 

 Xtalla glanced at his outstretched hand in confusion. John lowered his hand and rubbed his them together.

He pointed the gun at the ground, but it was still close enough that he could jerk it up and shoot John if he lunged at him. “I’m from Himalia, two systems over. I was sent to Earth to bring Prince Scosi back home.”

He stared at him. “Why did you land here of all the places on Earth?” John asked.

Xtalla dove at John. John threw a clumsy punch that missed. He fell face first into the forest floor. He tried to move away, but Xtalla pointed in the direction of the agents coming towards them with guns drawn. “Run!”

They scrambled to their feet and Xtalla pushed John into the woods.

Behind them they heard, “Go after them! They’re probably headed to the ship! We need that ship!”

One of the agents appeared in front of them gun drawn. Xtalla jumped into the agent, twisting the gun from his hand dropping it to the ground. He took a lighted rope from his pocket and tied the agent up.

“We have to move, I can hear more coming,” Xtalla said, as he looked at the agent’s gun. He laughed, “What a stupid primitive design.” He tossed it and it fired. He cringed.

They ran until the woods were so thick with trees that you could barely see the night sky. When they couldn’t hear footsteps behind them anymore, they stopped to catch their breath.

“Xtalla, you never answered me. Why did you land here?” John asked between pained breaths.

He held out a hologram that showed a dot in the woods. It faded in and out, but it was definitely tracing something. “They put tracers in all of the royal’s food. It traced the prince to this area, but he’s been gone so long it is barely visible. Sometimes it fades away completely.”

John couldn’t take his eyes away from the hologram. “Where is your ship?”

Xtalla looked at him but stayed silent.

John yelled, throwing his hands in the air, “If you don’t leave the government will find it and take it! They take everything and you will never find him!”

Xtalla signed and touched the hologram above his wrist. A silver ship the size of a bus appeared above his head. It was following them the whole time.

As soon as the ship appeared so do the agents. “Freeze! Don’t move or we will shoot!” They were surrounded on all sides. He touched his earpiece, “Ship sighting confirmed. Sending you our coordinates for retrieval.” He tapped his watch a few time and trained his gun directly on Xtalla.

John whispered, “No sudden movements. They’re scared and will shoot us.”

The agents looked at each other in disgust. “Drop your weapon and surrender. We will be taking you and that ship into custody.”

John glanced at Xtalla. “Why are you bringing the prince back after he was kicked out of the kingdom so long ago?”

Xtalla raised a white eyebrow.

“Speak English or not at all. I said drop your weapon!” The gun in his hand was shaking he was gripping it so hard.

“Sir, you just kicked me out of my house to find this ship. I’m an innocent bystander. Please don’t shoot.”

The agents glanced at each other.

Xtalla dropped his weapon and kneeled before John. “Prince Scosi, your father fell in battle and your mother is ill. She wants to see you one more time before she fades away from this world. Will you come home?” His hand cover his wrist to keep them from seeing the hologram of the ship above his wrist.


John’s body rippled. His normal appearance faded to blue. Unlike Xtalla’s hair, Prince Scosi’s was red. He stretched all four arms. It had been far too long since he had taken off his human disguise.   

The agents took a collective breath.

“Now!” the prince yelled.

Xtalla touched the hologram and the ship roared to life. The door opened and they both jumped in. The ship flew straight up into the night.

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