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Hate Hex by Gina Lamanna Review

I received a copy of Hate Hex by Gina Lamanna for review through NetGalley, and I couldn’t be more excited to share my thoughts on it.

Trixie Garden is a taxi driver in the magical district known as the Hollows. Down on her luck, she has secretly sworn off magic—a risky move, considering the deadly consequences if the Circle discovers her repression. Things take a dramatic turn when she bumps into her handsome but grumpy vampire landlord, Dominic Kent. He’s selling the apartment building, which holds her only cherished memories of her mother.

Dominic Kent is a 300-year-old billionaire, determined to capture his criminal brother and erase any connection to him, including the apartment building where Trixie lives. Despite his mission, Dom finds himself inexplicably drawn to Trixie. When Trixie starts a hex war to teach Dom a lesson, they are thrust together as danger looms and they are both nominated by The Fates to be Circle members.

I adore wholesome paranormal romance, especially when it comes with a good dose of humor, and Hate Hex delivered on both fronts. I connected with Trixie far more than I anticipated; her backstory truly resonated with me. Dom, being a rich vampire, was initially harder to relate to, but his growing love for Trixie throughout the story became palpable and endearing. Without giving away any spoilers, I’ll just say the ending left me hopeful for a sequel—I can’t wait to see more of their journey.

Hate Hex will be available on Amazon starting September 1, 2024. You can check it out here.

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