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Dark Side of the Moon

Happy Halloween!

Dark Side of the Moon is also being featured in the Podcast Alone in a Room with Invisible People.

Dark Side of the Moon

The full moon reflects in the red pool growing beneath me. Darkness clouds my vision, fading in and out. My lungs ache, begging for oxygen, but my chest refuses to move. So cold. So tired. Silent tears streak down my face as I realize I’m never going to grow old with my husband, Dirk. God, I’m glad he’s away on a hunting trip or he’d be here with me.

Leaves crackle pulling me away from my thoughts. It’s out of my line of sight. I try to move, but my body is too heavy. Something sits on my chest pushing stale air from my lungs. I hear cracking, like someone popping their knuckles. Hot breath on my skin makes goosebumps break out. After a moment the weight lessens. My chest is still unmoving. A hand grabs my face forcing me to look into the bluest eyes. They seem vaguely familiar, but I can’t place them. He lifts his head up and howls. His eyes glow silver and his teeth elongate. Terror fills me, but my frozen body refuses to respond.

“Mine,” he growled in my ear. A sharp pain on my neck becomes the epicenter of the fire ravaging my body. Air slams into my lungs, finally giving me the ability to scream. My whole body spasms uncontrollably while I writhe in agony.

He holds me down, hard, unmoving.

“It hurts!” I scream. “It hurts. Please!”

I try to break the grip on the hands holding me, but he’s too strong. The pain intensifies. My back arches up against him. The knuckle popping sound is back. With each pop, I scream. I feel my bones breaking and my muscles shifting, expanding. My skin feels like it’s shredding doused with alcohol. All I can do is scream and fight the pain of my body coming apart and reforming.

After what seems like an eternity, the pain stops. I try to slow my breathing. Scents of the forest and the fire from my fireplace distract me. Not as much as the crickets chirping, the cars driving on the highway a couple miles from here, an owl’s cry.

The weight recedes from my chest. I stand to get away, but can’t get up from all fours. I look at my hands and find furry paws instead. Confusion sets in and I panic.      One word whispers through my mind, werewolf. No. There’s no such thing. I run.

“Stop,” echoes through the forest.

I recognize the voice and stop in my tracks. I turn to look at my tormentor. My breathing picks up speed. It won’t slow.

Dirk drops to his knees in front of me, naked and covered in my blood. “I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. I love you. This is the only way we could really be together.”

The night is filled with my cries.

Photo by Rain Love AMR

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