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D – Demon Deals


Demon Deals

A small candelabra was the only light in the massive throne room. In the center sat a heavy feasting table. There was no feast today. Instead ropes snaked over a young woman’s body binding her to the makeshift altar.
“You could have been my queen, but you chose death instead,” the king said, playing with strands of her silver hair.
“I’d rather die a thousand deaths than have to listen to another one of your monologues. Do your worst,” she said, locking her icy blue eyes with his.
“You’ll be my final gift to the demon that helped me acquire this kingdom,” he said, running his blade across her throat. “You’ll beg for me by the time the demon is through with you.”
She inhaled her last breath, choking on her own blood.
Her last thought was a silent plead for vengeance.
A moment later, a tall lean figure stepped out of the shadows and materialized in front of the girl.
He scented the air and an inhuman roar echoed through the castle.
“What’s this?” it hissed.
“My Liege, it’s the soul I owed for your most gracious gifts,” he said bowing, his nose nearly scraping the floor.
“You misunderstand. It’s your soul owed to me. You cannot replace your soul with another.” The demon leaned over the body. “She was already mine,” the demon said, touching her cheek.
“Yours My Liege?”
“Of my blood. Now you owe me a debt twice over,” the demon said cocking his head in an unnatural angle.
“But, sire I didn’t know,” the king said, not able to meet the demon’s ruby red eyes.
He hissed, silencing the king.
The demon smeared some of it’s blood across her forehead and laid a clawed hand over her still heart.
“What is your death wish child?” he whispered in her ear.
The body drew in a gurgled breath. “Vengeance…”
“Would you have me call your demon blood for vengeance?” he asked.
“Yes…” she hissed.
“King, I call for payment of your debts.”
“But my Liege, I have some time left before payment.”
He held up a claw, silencing the king. He leaned over and whispered, “I give you his soul to do with what you will. Awaken my kin.”
White flames engulfed her body. The king jumped back from the heat falling on his back.
Fear permeated the room like a rose garden in spring. Fragrant and sweet.
Her shrill scream cut through the king like a knife. Covering his ears did nothing to mute the sound of a soul being razed.
Silence claimed the room.
She opened her eyes and looked at the king. Her wound was healed. Her body and clothes seem untouched by the flames. Until he made contact with her eyes. Dark, soul less eyes looked back at the king.
He scrambled backwards, his heart racing. Her lips pulled up at the corners and her eyes widened.
“Come my child, take what’s yours,” the demon whispered.
The kings screams could be heard throughout the kingdom.

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