V – The Villain You Know

V - The Villain You Know

The Villain You Know “Have you seen Theo?” I asked panic crept into my voice. “No, not since last night,” Joey said. “He headed home around ten.” “He never made it. I’ve called everyone and looked everywhere. You’re the last person to see him yesterday.” “What about his mom?” Joey … Continue reading

Just Desserts 2

Just Desserts 2

Sorry, missed my Friday deadline. I’ll try to post The Sweetest Part 3 this week too. Happy reading! “Where am I? What happened?” Jackson asked. He wrenched his eyelids open trying to make sense of things. He looked around recognizing his office. Sitting across the desk from him was Val. … Continue reading



I wrote Touched for a contest with the theme rock bottom. Rock bottom has the power to bring out the best and the worst in people… Touched “Why can’t you people just leave us alone?” Vi asked, glancing at the window. Cole sat shackled and handcuffed, the white rag stuffed in … Continue reading

Succubus Scorned

dark lady

“He will know my wrath,” she said as tears streamed down her face. She calmly flipped through the grimoire next to a bottle of bourbon on her living-room floor. She began the rhythmic chant of a language long forgotten. “Who has summoned me?” a voice boomed before he appeared in her circle. “Great, … Continue reading