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Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays! The scent of cookies baking in the oven, the lights from the tree twinkling, and Christmas music filling the air are some of my favorite Christmas things. Especially when I get to share all of that with family and friends. In all honesty, the most magical part of … Continue reading

Just Desserts Part 3

Just Desserts Part 3

Part 3 Jackson’s hand clinched the potion bottle in his suit pocket, glancing at the closed door across the hall. Val needed him to keep tabs on Sofia, so they could figure out why Maxwell needed her. The door opened and he pretended to look through a file. He glanced … Continue reading

Just Desserts 2

Just Desserts 2

Sorry, missed my Friday deadline. I’ll try to post The Sweetest Part 3 this week too. Happy reading! “Where am I? What happened?” Jackson asked. He wrenched his eyelids open trying to make sense of things. He looked around recognizing his office. Sitting across the desk from him was Val. … Continue reading

Just Desserts


Part 1 At Val’s Sweets, she knows what you need before you walk through the door. The bell jingled and Val grinned, “Hi Ed!” “Okay, today’s the day I stump you,” Ed said, bouncing with excitement. “Shoot,” she replied, untying the bag she’d prepared earlier on the counter. He said, “One … Continue reading



I wrote Touched for a contest with the theme rock bottom. Rock bottom has the power to bring out the best and the worst in people… Touched “Why can’t you people just leave us alone?” Vi asked, glancing at the window. Cole sat shackled and handcuffed, the white rag stuffed in … Continue reading

Watching Over Brook


Andrew watched out for Brook. He always had, for the first few years she didn’t even know he existed. Until he started leaving her presents a few months ago. She didn’t understand, he was just watching out for her. Just helping. She filed a restraining order. Andrew still watched, still … Continue reading