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D – Demon Deals


Demon Deals A small candelabra was the only light in the massive throne room. In the center sat a heavy feasting table. There was no feast today. Instead ropes snaked over a young woman’s body binding her to the makeshift altar. “You could have been my queen, but you chose … Continue reading

C – Chocolate Changes


Chocolate Changes I sat at my desk staring at my blinking cursor. I could do this. Resigning would be a relief. God, I wanted to resign so much. This was a temporary job that turned into a soul crushing prison sentence, out of convenience. I’m chained to my desk from … Continue reading

B – Blade Bound

B for Blade

Blade Bound I woke up holding the blade, covered in a cold sweat. The big t-shirt I slept in stuck to me, making me shivered. At least I was still in my apartment this time. I wish I’d never found this damn haunted sword, but it was too late. I’m … Continue reading

A – April Fools

A – April Fools

April Fools “April fools!” Carl said, for the tenth time tonight. Gabriel took a deep breath trying to keep his cool with the annoying human. “Got me again. Filling my half of the cubicle with pictures of you was almost as funny as you putting the fish in the coffee … Continue reading


Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays! The scent of cookies baking in the oven, the lights from the tree twinkling, and Christmas music filling the air are some of my favorite Christmas things. Especially when I get to share all of that with family and friends. In all honesty, the most magical part of … Continue reading

Just Desserts Part 3

Just Desserts Part 3

Part 3 Jackson’s hand clinched the potion bottle in his suit pocket, glancing at the closed door across the hall. Val needed him to keep tabs on Sofia, so they could figure out why Maxwell needed her. The door opened and he pretended to look through a file. He glanced … Continue reading