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J – Jinxed

J - Jinx

Jinxed A slot machine chimed as Gemma tried very hard not to cry on the floor of the casino bathroom. Her bloodshot eyes highlighted her green irises. She smelled like coffee, which didn’t sound bad, until you saw the splashed burn on her thighs. It had been a hell of … Continue reading

I – Ice Imbued


Ice Imbued My magic warmed me as Silla covered everything in ice, even the people. After rescuing me from the gallows for witchcraft she’s taking her vengeance on the kingdom of Lovella. As she froze the world around her, she never let a single ice crystal touch me. “Love,” I … Continue reading

H – Human Hallucinations


Human Hallucinations I woke up in my cave. My whole body hurt down to my spiked tail as I stretched the soreness out. That’s the last time I’ll go to a faerie party. I wonder how long I’ve been asleep? My stomach roared, demanding food. I stepped outside my cave. … Continue reading

G – Ghost Girl

G – Ghost Girl

Ghost Girl I’m not sure how long I’ve been like this, it seems like it’s been an eternity. No one speaks. I’m completely alone, even in a crowd. In the beginning I tried talking to everyone I could find. Nothing. I didn’t understand, until I saw him. Then I remembered. I … Continue reading

F – Found


Found The fairy warmed my tea as I sat in the coffee shop sketching the newlyweds trying to quietly argue. The wife is mad he conjured her clothes to cover up. What she was wearing was perfectly fine. If I wove my magic into the drawing just right, it would … Continue reading

E – Endless Energy

E – Endless Energy

Endless Energy The drill inched forward slowly, as if something was trying to push it back. It trudged on bit by bit. “There’s an energy spike,” I said, pointing to the monitors. “Cause?” Smith asked, walking up behind me. “Unknown, but it’s affecting the drill. We should abort until further … Continue reading