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V – The Villain You Know

V - The Villain You Know

The Villain You Know “Have you seen Theo?” I asked panic crept into my voice. “No, not since last night,” Joey said. “He headed home around ten.” “He never made it. I’ve called everyone and looked everywhere. You’re the last person to see him yesterday.” “What about his mom?” Joey … Continue reading

U – Thank You Faerie Much Part 2 – Unity

U - Thank you Faerie Much Part 2 - Unity

Thank You Faerie Much Part 2 – Unity My heart hammered in my chest. His rough hands pressed harder over my mouth when I started to struggle. I braced myself to scream, but I hesitated. The entire cave vibrated with every step. Whoever had his hand over my mouth, pulled … Continue reading

T – Thank You Faerie Much Part 1

T - Thank You Faerie Much

Thank You Faerie Much I could see the stars through the treeline. It was a clear night, perfect for star gazing. I made sure my camera’s settings were correct. Looking through the viewfinder I tried to line up a good shot. My foot caught on a tree root. I tumbled … Continue reading

S – Silent Siren

S - Silent Siren

Silent Siren “Evangelia, please just let me hear it again.” I shook my head. Will begged, “You don’t understand, I need it. Just one more time. Then I’ll stop.” His hands were shaking. Withdrawals. Singing was a mistake. It changed everything. Years of carefully planning my escape from this life … Continue reading

R – Ringed Revenge

R- Ringed Revenge

Ringed Revenge I’d done my research. Djinn could grant an unlimited number of wishes, but there was always a catch. They were creatures of chaos and it sustained them. My cell phone chimed. Message from hubby. ‘I’ll be late at work tonight. Researching a new company. Love you.’ I replied … Continue reading

P – Not Your Everyday Psychic

P - Psychic

Not Your Everyday Psychic A quarter past three a.m. the jewelry store guard snuck out the back door to spend some “quality time” with his girlfriend. He didn’t realize she was cheating on him with best friend. How cliché. He’d find out in a few months when she was unsure … Continue reading