Z – Zodiac Conformity Agreement

Z - Zodiac Conformity Agreement

Zodiac Conformity Agreement “Long ago we used the stars to predict the weather, celestial events, and even natural disasters. It’s only natural that we looked to the stars to learn more about ourselves too. That’s my job. I research your astrological charts and provide potential matches once you reach your … Continue reading

S – Silent Siren

S - Silent Siren

Silent Siren “Evangelia, please just let me hear it again.” I shook my head. Will begged, “You don’t understand, I need it. Just one more time. Then I’ll stop.” His hands were shaking. Withdrawals. Singing was a mistake. It changed everything. Years of carefully planning my escape from this life … Continue reading

Q – Queen’s Quandary

Q - Queen's Quandary

  Queen’s Quandary I paced back and forth in my room begging the Gods to help me find an answer. Tomorrow I had to marry someone or forfeit the throne. The nobles tried to push me into accepting Lord Victor as my prince consort. They only want his gold to … Continue reading

Love’s Sacrifice


“Love should be celebrated not punished,” Angie said shoving the tip of her wand to the high priestesses throat. “You will help me break this curse or you’ll die.” “You’d really blacken your soul with murder to be with that creature?” “Ethan isn’t a creature. We love each other more … Continue reading