It Happened in a Flash

I’m a little slow letting you guys know about this one because I just found it myself. It Happened in a Flash: An Anthology of 64 Bite-Sized Stories is now available. My story is called The Hunted. It’s about an organization that’s trying to take out all the old gods … Continue reading


Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays! The scent of cookies baking in the oven, the lights from the tree twinkling, and Christmas music filling the air are some of my favorite Christmas things. Especially when I get to share all of that with family and friends. In all honesty, the most magical part of … Continue reading

Book Release

Lies, Deceit, and Magic

  Lies, Deceit, and Magic is available today in the Kindle Store! Magic is everywhere. It shifts your perception of the world and those who live in it. A grief stricken witch searches for answers. An illegal enchantment is discovered. A hunt goes wrong. A shifter’s love is challenged. The … Continue reading