Lies, Deceit, and Magic Book Release

Lies, Deceit, and Magic is available today in the Kindle Store!

Magic is everywhere. It shifts your perception of the world and those who live in it.
A grief stricken witch searches for answers.
An illegal enchantment is discovered.
A hunt goes wrong.
A shifter’s love is challenged.
The Planet Breaker is forced to deal with her past.
Five bite size stories to devour in one sitting.

I really loved writing these stories. I wanted to put something together to see what the whole self publishing process was like. If I’m being honest, I was discouraged writing a full length book. I kept having problems and was having trouble working through them. I thought a flash fiction book would help me write through it. So far, it hasn’t but I’d do it again. I probably will. Writing is one of my favorite things to do, until I put pressure on myself and make it less fun.

Pick up your copy of Lies, Deceit, and Magic today!

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