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Desperation and Death

grave yard

Death came for me with both hands. This was something I’d been training for my entire life, but people telling you that you’ll face Death, with a capital D, and facing Death are two very different things. They didn’t prepare me for the cold. Sharp, burning iciness radiated into me, leeching my … Continue reading

Secrets, Lies, and Death Trains

I wail a name and they die. I’m a banshee, that’s what I do. Chasing after a Death Train, in pumps, isn’t a typical job requirement. Here I was, praying not to trip, trying to catch up to my date. A low moan came from the train signaling it’s next pick up. … Continue reading

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

I hope you’re having a good Christmas. Mine has been amazing so far. I’ve been reading like crazy with my new Kindle Fire. 🙂 Thankfully I won’t have to go back to the day job until Monday so, more time to read and spend time with my family. I love this … Continue reading

Hollows Holiday Love Giveaway

Anyone who reads my blog can tell you that Kim Harrison is one of my favorite writers. The Hollows Series has stayed strong from the first book to the last. That’s a difficult task for any writer and she does it flawlessly, in my completely biased opinion. So, to share … Continue reading

Top 10 Most Anticipated Books of 2014

At the end of the year we all take a moment to reflect on the year before and look to the year ahead. As corny as it sounds, I’ve been doing a lot of soul searching trying to understand myself and my ambitions. I was going through some rough stuff … Continue reading

That Creepy Feeling


It was uncomfortably hot for late October. Everything was brown, not from the changing winds of fall, but from the scorching hot heat. I don’t know who pissed off Mother Nature, but they should give her something shiny to make up for it. “Look, he’s a lying, cheating, moron that … Continue reading