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B – Blade Bound

Blade Bound

I woke up holding the blade, covered in a cold sweat. The big t-shirt I slept in stuck to me, making me shivered. At least I was still in my apartment this time.
I wish I’d never found this damn haunted sword, but it was too late. I’m bound to serve the blade, as it just reminded me.
“I have to sleep or I can’t complete your mission,” I said, yawning.
The blade jerked my hand to the left, pulling me to my feet. “What the hell? Can I at least get dressed?” It pulled me towards the door. “Guess not.”
It led me down the hall, outside to the street, pointing to a man I hadn’t seen since he broke up with me a month ago when this mess started.
The sword pulled me a step toward him. I shivered. “Wait, the last descendant you need to avenge is Jace, my ex boyfriend?” It pulled me forward again. “No, I can’t.”
“Liv?” he said.
No, no, no. Can’t be near him with this stupid sword. I tried to run, but the blade jerked me to a stop. Tried to fight it. “I can’t please.”
“Liv, why are you outside in your pajama’s with a sword? Are you okay?”
“I’m super. Go away,” I said, fighting my grip on the blade.
He took a cautious step forward. “Why don’t you put the sword down and we talk? Maybe grab a coffee?”
The sword pulled me forward. “Get the hell away from me! Go away!”
“No, not until you put down the sword and talk to me,” Jace said, eyeing the sharp edge of the blade.
“Fine, I’ll talk to you. Do you know if one of your ancestors kidnapped and seduced a girl from the MacTavish clan that “mysteriously” died?”
“Did anyone ever mention it?”
Jace sighed. “I sort of remember a feud with the MacTavish clan for something stupid.”
The sword pulled harder.
“What’s going on?” Jace asked.
“Long story short, this is the MacTavish blade that wants to kill you, since you’re the last of your line.”
“Are you high?”
“No, just bound to the blade that wants to kill you. Please go!”
Jace pulled his phone out of his jacket pocket.
“This is opposite of going. I can’t hold this thing back much longer.”
It pulled me forward in agreement.
“I can’t leave you like this Olivia. You’re having some kind of break down. This is all my fault.” He started dialing.
“Don’t flatter yourself. It would take a lot more than you breaking up with me to drive me crazy. This haunted sword for instance.”
He put the phone to his ear. “Mrs Grant. Have you seen Olivia lately? She’s got me at sword point right now. What do you recommend?”
“I do not have you at sword point you idiot. This is why we broke up, you never listen to me. Go!”
“Okay, I will ma’am.” He disconnected the call and put the phone back in his pocket. He took a step towards me, and the sword jerked trying to close the distance. It pulled me off my feet causing me to fall.
Jace ran up to me.
“Jace no!” The sword thrust up into his stomach. He fell back with the sword still lodged in his gut.
I grabbed his phone and called 911.
“Stay with me Jace.”
“Why?” he said then gasped in pain.
“I told you it wasn’t me it was-”
A ghostly laugh startled me. He faded into existence holding the sword. “Finally, I can be at peace Wallace scum.” He disappeared as quickly as he appeared.
“Not crazy,” he said, surprised.
“I tried to tell you. Now it’s too late.”
“I love you,” he said, as a single tear rolled down his cheek.
“I love you too,” I said, and broke down sobbing as the life left his body.
I’d never forgive myself for not being able to save him. I saw it every time I closed my eyes.
They rushed me to the hospital to be evaluated.
I sat in the room, freezing despite the pile of warm blankets.
The doctor walked in.
“Miss Grant, everything looks good, but did you know your pregnant? That’s what’s causing all of your symptoms.”
“Oh no,” I said grabbing my stomach.
Downtown in the police evidence lockup, the sword cried for someone to help finish their mission.

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