I’m still doing prep work for NaNoWriMo and my villain is giving me trouble. I just can’t seem to get in his head to know why he’s doing the crazy thing’s he’s doing. I love it when a bad guy was someone you wouldn’t suspect is a bad guy, but this character doesn’t have any reason, that he’s shared with me yet, why he’s doing completely aholian things. I’m going to consult my Create a Character Clinic book. Maybe I can find a way to get my Muse to come out and play…

Now that I think about it, there’s only a few villain that stick out to me in all the books that I’ve read, Voldemort from Harry Potter, the Omega from the Black Dagger Brotherhood, Valentine in the Mortal Instruments, and Ku’Sox from The Hollows. I love other book series too, but most of them don’t have a consistent villain till the end. What do you think, do you prefer a story with a villain that’s there until the end or do you like to mix it up from book to book?

On a side note, as soon as I get my short story Masquerade edited it will be available on Amazon. Also, after a re-write and edits I’ll be giving away my flash fiction anthology. Stay tuned for updates!

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