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I’ve been MIA… again. I was out of the country most of last month for the day job. It gave me some time to think about this blog. It’s called Fiction Addiction for a reason, and until now I haven’t fully shared my addiction with you guys. So, I plan on sharing more books I love and only sprinkling in a little about my writing, when it’s actually interesting. That way we all win. I get to share stories I love and you don’t have to take a nap mid-read. 😉

So, the last Hollow book came out. I have mixed feelings still, but it was a beautiful ending to an amazing series. The Witch With No Name answered all my questions, threw a couple huge surprises at me, and made me glad to have followed this series for so long. So far, it’s my favorite series ever. The writing stayed brilliant through the whole series. There was nothing I would have changed. There was a character or two I wish had made it to the end of the series, I won’t spoil it for those of you who haven’t read it yet, but I understand their sacrifices were needed to move the story on. The fact that we have to try to justify a character’s death, though some people didn’t get over them, is a testament to how the writing sucks you into the story. I look forward to see what other stories Kim Harrison has for us. I’m really interested to see what she does with her new character Perri. Is it because her name is almost spelled like my last name? Possibly. Is it because Kim Harrison’s my favorite author? Absolutely!

Shifting Shadows surprised me when I opened my Kindle the other day. I forgot it was the release day. I finally got to read all of the Mercy Thompson short stories and the new ones that were written for the book. It was great to be able to read them in the order that the author wanted and her intro to each story was really interesting. I’d read a couple of the older stories before. I love anthologies. (That’s how I find new writers.) For some reason the story about Ben really stuck with me. I’ve always liked him, even though he’s usually a jerk. Which is really weird, for some reason he’s a jerk that I feel protective over. Proof that Patricia Briggs is another writer that makes you feel something deeply for her characters. That, I’ve learned, is the key to a great story and it’s really, really hard to master.

Recently I got hooked on the Kate Daniels series by Ilona Andrews, due to a Kindle book sale. Sometimes I swear it’s like they go through my to read list to try to temp me with sales. And they’re good at it too. So, I read all of the books that are out now. I love the world that it’s set in with the technology and magic waves. How cool is that? I’m a sucker for stories where magic is out in the open anyway, but the way that they weave the myths and magic into everyday life is some seriously cool worldbuilding. Kate quickly rose up the ranks to be one of my favorite female characters. She’s bad ass and smart, a lethal combination. Her relationship with Curran is complicated, but not so bad that you want to smack the writers, light the books on fire, and dance around the ashes because of a never-ending ring of idiocy. They love, they grow, they screw up, they learn, and go on. I’ll definitely be keeping up with this series now.

I’ve had Jim Butcher on my to read list for a really long time. And Amazon, with their curs-sed Kindle book sales got me again with Storm Front. I’ve read a couple of these now and I hope to read a couple of these a month until I get caught up. I really like the mysterious backstory and the characters, especially Harry and Murphy. I’ll post more about the Dresden Files as I read more of them.

Another writer on my to read list that I finally had the chance to read, thanks to Amazon stalking my list, is Chloe Neill. I read Some Girls Bite and loved it. I now have several more to catch up on, I’m just glad there aren’t as many as there are in The Dresden Files. That would make for a lot more reading, not that I’d complain. Chicagoland Vampires seems really cool so far, but only more reading will tell. 😉

I read Sixth Grave on the Edge by Darynda Jones back in May. I just love the sarcasm and sexy she crams into these books. She keeps throwing in OMG moments. I saw this last one coming, but it’s still awesome. I can’t wait for the next one, Seventh Grave and No Body in October. Oh so close.

Last thing, I found this through another blog that I follow, but it’s too cool. I had to share. Instead of just using Amazon’s regular website, you can go to Basically, it’s just like the regular site, except a portion of your purchase is donated to the charity of your choice. You can find more info here if you’re interested. I thought it was a really easy switch for a good cause.

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