R – Ringed Revenge

R- Ringed Revenge

Ringed Revenge I’d done my research. Djinn could grant an unlimited number of wishes, but there was always a catch. They were creatures of chaos and it sustained them. My cell phone chimed. Message from hubby. ‘I’ll be late at work tonight. Researching a new company. Love you.’ I replied … Continue reading

J – Jinxed

J - Jinx

Jinxed A slot machine chimed as Gemma tried very hard not to cry on the floor of the casino bathroom. Her bloodshot eyes highlighted her green irises. She smelled like coffee, which didn’t sound bad, until you saw the splashed burn on her thighs. It had been a hell of … Continue reading

B – Blade Bound

B for Blade

Blade Bound I woke up holding the blade, covered in a cold sweat. The big t-shirt I slept in stuck to me, making me shivered. At least I was still in my apartment this time. I wish I’d never found this damn haunted sword, but it was too late. I’m … Continue reading

Love’s Sacrifice


“Love should be celebrated not punished,” Angie said shoving the tip of her wand to the high priestesses throat. “You will help me break this curse or you’ll die.” “You’d really blacken your soul with murder to be with that creature?” “Ethan isn’t a creature. We love each other more … Continue reading