A Symbol

The city was a canvas of chaos, its alleys and streets etched with the scars of violence. For a young woman named Grace, the rhythm of her life was composed of dreams, laughter, and hope. She roamed the city with eyes that saw beauty in the ordinary, and a heart … Continue reading

Icy Domain

In the heart of the mountain forest, where ancient trees stood tall and their branches intertwined like an intricate web, there lay a realm untouched by the passage of time. It was a place of whispers carried by the wind, where the crunch of leaves underfoot was accompanied by the … Continue reading


landscape photography of forest

“Unbelievable,” John whispered as he silently searched the woods. “Kick me out of my own house, because one ship lands close by? Not today. The government here might be powerful, but they aren’t stealing from me again!” John flinched as his voice echoed in the night. He held his breath, … Continue reading

Writing Prompt 01 – My Lenore

photo of dessert during dawn

New writing prompt on my YouTube Channel. My story while watching the writing prompt video: Writing Prompt – My Lenore Lenore had been gone for a month. Two weeks too late to save our son with the medical supplies from the village beyond the desert. His cries of pain from … Continue reading

The Write Immersive Sounds

Link to thunderstorm writing sounds video

I love listening to sounds while I write that help throw me into what I’m writing. Sometimes it’s a battle scene or something to help my ADD brain focus. It’s crazy how you can not be feeling a scene and can immerse yourself into it with a picture or sound … Continue reading

It Happened in a Flash

I have a new story! Sorry, I’m late to let you know, but I just found out it was published. It Happened in a Flash: An Anthology of 64 Bite-Sized Stories is now available. My story is called The Hunted, and I’m really excited about this one. An organization is … Continue reading